Search and group editing


You can invoke the Search window using the Project > Search menu item or the Ctrl+F combination.

To search for transactions, fill in the fields in the left part of the window.

  • Transaction name
    To enable search for a specific name, mark the "Name" checkbox. It is not required to type the exact name; you can specify only the beginning of the word or choose it from the list. For example, to search for transactions named "Computer Game", simply enter "Compu". If you leave this field empty, the transactions will not be filtered by name during search.
  • Period.
    You can exclude transactions, which weren't made in the specified period fo time. If you leave this field empty, the search will take place among all transactions starting with the first day of the project and finishing with the last day.
  • Type.
    If you want to specify a specific transaction type, enable the "Type" checkbox and select the types you want. If you leave the checkbox cleared, the search will take place among all transactions in the project.
  • Accounts.
    Select required accounts.
  • Categories.
    Select required categories. The "-" category is intended for "Transfer" transactions.

After you have pressed the "Search" button, the search result will appear in the right part of the window.

Group editing

Using the search window, you can find transactions you want. These transactions do not necessarily have the same type. The group edit feature allows you to change name, time, category etc. simultaneously in multiple transactions, which are not related to each other.

  1. Select transactions you want to edit. You can select multiple transactions in the list in one of the following ways:
    • Click the first transaction and then click the last one holding the Shift key.
    • Hold the Ctrl key and click the required transactions.
  2. After you have selected the transactions, press the button in the bottom of the list.

    In the window that will appear, fill in only those fields that you want to change. Leave empty the fields that you don't want to change.
  3. Press the OK button to save changes.

After you close the "Edit Transactions" window, the search results will be automatically updated according to the changes you made.

Removing transactions from project

Similarly, you can delete transactions from the project. To do this, select the transactions in the result list and press the button in the bottom of the list.