The program provides 6 different types of reports, which you can use for creating your own reports.

To work with reports, select the Report item on the Tools menu.

Viewing reports

To view a report, select the report of interest on the Reports list.

To customize a report, enter the desired changes in the report properties and then click Update.

Printing report

To print current report, click Print. In the Print window that appears, adjust the print settings as necessary and then click OK.

Importing report

To save a report, click Save and then enter the report name and path for saving it.

The program imports reports in the RTF format. This format is compatible with office applications like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. Moreover, RTF files can be viewed and edited even if not a single office suite is installed on the computer.

Generating report

To save custom settings for any report:

  1. Select the required report type on the Reports list
  2. Make necessary changes on the report properties pane
  3. Click on the Save As… button
  4. Enter the new report name and then click OK