Managing budget

You can set a budget for different categories and subcategories to follow your financial plan more precisely. In Managing categories, you can learn how to set a budget for categories.

There are two ways how the program would inform you of the excess of the budget you have set:

  1. Informative icon.
    Informative icon

    By displaying an icon by the floor with budget excess.
    Clicking on that icon opens the project verification window.

    Informative icon

    This warning can be ignored by clicking Ignore or, the transaction can be modified by clicking Edit.
    If you chose to ignore the warning, the icon will simply turn grey, and the warning will not appear on the project verification.
    Further on, you can cancel the ignoring of this warning by clicking on the Not Ignore button.
  2. By issuing a warning during project verification.
    If the automatic project verification has not been disabled in the program settings, when opening the project or when launching the project verification, the information on exceeding the budget will appear on the Exceeded Defined Budget tab.
    Just like in the previous case, you can Ignore or Edit any of the warnings.