Main program window

Main program window

  1. "Selected day" section

    This section displays date selected by the user. Also, using this section you can quickly change month or year. To do this, click the button to the right and select the month in the menu that will appear.

  2. "Accounts" section

    The "Accounts" section displays state of all accounts at the end of the selected day.

    In addition, this section allows you to filter transactions by accounts. Filtering is applied to:

    • Main calendar.
    • "Monthly chart" section.
    • "Category chart" section.
    • Printed reports.
    • "Transactions" window.

    Filtering in "Transactions" window
    The "Transactions" window partially filters the transaction list. Those transactions that must be excluded are grayed and do not affect computation of the total sum.

  3. "Monthly chart" section

    This section displays current financial state for the month currently selected by the user. The data is displayed as a chart composed of columns with a separate column for each day.

  4. "Transactions" section

    This section is used to display all transactions and general financial information for the selected day.

  5. Calendar

    The calendar is the main representation of your project. You are supposed to keep account of all transactions using the calendar.

    Each day in the calendar is displayed in the following way.

    1. Day.
    2. Current day indicator (according to the system time).
    3. Button to view a note.
    4. Button to create a new transaction.
    5. Button to open the detailed transaction list.
    6. Indication of confirmed transactions.
    7. Transaction list.
    8. Indication of the transaction list being displayed partially.
    9. Balance for the day.
    10. Final total at the end of the day.