Main Menu
File New Creates a new project.
Rename Renames current project and its corresponding file.
Open Opens an existing project.
Import Imports data from QIF and CSV files.
Export Exports current project to QIF and CSV formats.
Print Prints a document.
Print preview Displays the document on the screen as it would appear printed.
Printer settings Selects a printer and printer connection.
Restore Restores project from backup.
Exit Exits Rylstim Budget.
Edit Undo Cancels last action.
Redo Repeats the action that has been cancelled.
View Toolbar Shows or hides the Toolbar.
Day New transaction Creates a new transaction for the selected day.
View transactions Displays the Transactions window.
Delete transactions Removes all transactions for the selected day.
Category Chart Displays the Category Chart window.
Note Creates, edits or deletes note for selected day.
Plan Account manager Displays the Account Manager window.
Category manager Displays the Category Manager window.
Reports Displays the Reports window.
Password > No Password To remove the password.
Password > Set/Change password Displays the Password window.
Set Calendar Period Sets calendar period.
Statistics Displays the Statistics window.
Tools Calculator Displays Calculator.
Currency List... Displays the Currency List window.
Reports Displays the Reports window.
Search Opens the search and group editing window.
Verify Transactions Verifies project.
Options Opens the application configuration window.
Help Help Topics Offers you an index to topics on which you can get help.
Registration Opens the Registration window.
Rylstim Budget online Visit the Rylstim Budget website.
Support Opens the Support window.
Check for updates Checks for new versions online.
About Displays the version number of this application.