Creating New Transaction

To create a new transaction:

  1. Choose the day in the Calendar where the new transaction will be created.
  2. In the Day menu, select the New Transaction item.
  3. Fill in all fields.

    Name – specify the transaction name (it will be displayed in the calendar).
    Type – transaction type.
    Category – select a category from the list. If the necessary category is not in the list, click the button to invoke Category Manager and add the necessary category. After the Category Manager is closed, the new category will appear in the list.
    Amount – specify transaction amount (must be a positive value).
    Origin Account – account of the transaction.
    Target Account – used for transfer operations when transferring money from Origin Account to Transfer Account.
    Time – you can leave the default time here. If you want to keep track of your transaction more precisely, specify time here. For more information about transaction time see Editing Transactions.
    Note – specify a note if required.
    Approved – if you want to confirm this transaction, mark this checkbox.

  4. If you want to repeat the transaction several times, proceed to the Frequency tab and configure recurring.

  5. Press OK.

Note: Required fields are marked with red asterisks (*).

You can also invoke this window in the following ways:

  • Right-click the required day and select New Transaction in the menu that will appear.
  • Select the required day and press the Insert key.
  • Left-click the icon located in the top part of the calendar day.